Future of Plumbing

Technology has in one form or another touched every industry. The Plumbing industry is no different. There are exciting solutions being marketed for everyday homes and commercial properties. Some of these solutions are very new to us, while some solutions are being improved upon as amazing resources. What was a good idea has turned into a great idea, not just for one individual but for all. Here are a few exciting breakthroughs for Plumbing and as the future continues, we can only imagine what will be next.

Tankless Water Heaters: While tankless water heaters were originally invented in 1894, it is considered today as new technology, due to earlier thoughts as being too expensive or unproven. However, these water heaters have proven themselves as overwhelmingly viable options for homeowners. Tankless water heaters offer large advantages over the standard water heater. First, the water heater has no tank. Instead the water flows through a heat exchanger, instantly absorbing heat. This technology enables efficiencies of up to 97% comparing to the standard tanks of only 75%. In addition, since the tankless water heater provides hot water as needed, there is no additional usage to store hot water and thus you can never run out of hot water. Plumbing 911 believes in the future and has certified plumbers available to install and service tankless water heaters. It is an option that is available for you to consider and we would be happy to inform you of all your water heater options.

High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures: From light bulbs to dishwashers, almost every consumer item is offered for high efficiency status. For plumbing, the same is true. From water heaters, toilets, faucets, shower heads and sinks, there are many ways to keep your home efficient and save money. Plumbing efficiency is usually found by savings not only on electric and gas but water as well. For example, toilets now days have a minimum requirement to only flush as much as 1.5 gallons per use. This is different from back when toilets would flush anywhere from 3 to 5 gallons per usage. Our professional Plumbers are Pros at ensuring that the next fixture you get is efficient and right for your home or business.

Sensor Flush and Faucets: : Most commercial businesses have the exciting sensor toilet that knows when you are sitting and when you are rising, along with the fabulous faucet that knows when you are ready to wash your hands. This technology is available for homes, while at first it was a pretty expensive inquisition, it is now becoming more affordable and popular by home consumers. Consumers love this action in their kitchen sinks and manufacturers are producing aesthetically pleasing look to this handless fixture. While the excitement isn’t everywhere, we would say to give it time and before you know it, there will be light that pours out changing water colors for our ever changing technology biased culture.

Smart Homes: Technology is changing everything how we live, down to being able to turn security on and off from cell phones and locking our front doors. The new wave of smart homes is at hand. These smart homes have many stunning features, which takes you to the “Back To The Future” movie of dreaming of what homes will look like in the future. You can do everything with a phone now days, including controlling your home’s plumbing. Yes, that is right, you can now control your main gas and water line shut off via your cell phone. It’s pretty amazing and for some, sounds far fetched. The more amazing part is that the smart home system, informs you of a possible gas or water line leaks, enabling you to shut off the home’s main supply if needed. If you travel a lot, this may be something to consider.