Sewer and Drain Cleaning

We know that clogged and backed up drains, along with backed up sewers can disrupt your everyday life. Left untreated serious plumbing, housing,and safety issues may result. That’s why Plumbing 911 can immediately service all your drain and sewer issues.

Based on the type of drain and severity of your clog/backup, our expert technicians expertise will recommend the right type of equipment to get the job done promptly. In addition to different heavy-duty commercial grade cables/snake machines, we also offer video camera inspections and high pressure jetting.


What to do if water or sewage is backing up in your home?

If you are having a major back up in any area of your home:

  • Turn off any dishwashers or washing machines; discontinue flushing toilets and/or running water in any part of your home
  • Call Plumbing 911 to schedule a technician to come to your home for no charge and look at your backing up issue. Once our technician is there, he will give you options to service this drain clog. If you would like him to proceed with service, simply approve the service and he can complete the service right then and there.

If you are having a slow drain backup in your kitchen, bathroom sink or tub:

  • Remove the drain stopper to clear any debris or hair clogs
  • Do not use Draino or other types of drain buster products. These products use heavy chemicals and acids that can and will eat away plumbing drains and drain lines. The cost to replumb drains and drain lines are much more expensive compared to having the drain line professionally cleared. Some products may state they are acid-free; however, they are still not safe because of the heavy chemicals used. Also, many of these products are not environmentally friendly, and if inhaled or exposed to your skin can be dangerous.
  • If you have used a drain busting chemical and it is free standing in your sink or tub, that means that it is also freestanding in your drain, and can be eating through the surfaces it is touching. Another issue is that the fumes/chemical gases will be free standing and is not good for your health. We advise that you open any windows in the bathroom for proper venting and then call Plumbing 911 for immediate service.
  • Call Plumbing 911 for a FREE estimate of options we can use to free this drain clog issue.

Where does it all go?

When you rinse water down your sink, run the dishwasher or flush a toilet, the expended water goes down, down, down your drain. The drain line then takes it to your main drain line, out of your house and then out to either the main city sewer or to your personal septic tank.

Sometimes the drain lines inside and outside your home can get clogged with normal use. If this problem occurs, you may notice the following issues arise:

  • Sinks may not drain or may drain very slowly
  • When you flush a toilet, it may back up into your bath or shower area
  • When you run your laundry, you may see a floor drain backup water
  • If you have a basement or slab, sewage and water may back up in your main cleanout, usually located in your utility room
  • If you have main drain cleanout in your yard, you may notice sewage or water backing up outside
  • Garage drains can back up with potential flooding issues
  • Also, drain spouts, foundation tiles and storm sewers can backup

All these types of backups are a cause to be concerned and irritated, but with Plumbing 911, we say – don’t worry be happy. Plumbing 911 offers same day service for major drain issues. All our plumbers come to you with the proper state-of-the-art commercial grade equipment to get thejob done correctly, so these issue do not re-occur. Our technicians are not just drain cleaners, but professional plumbers that can ensure the problem is handled properly and for good.