Sump Pumps

If your home has a sump pump, it is there for a very good reason. Even if you have a completely unfinished basement, your sump pump is crucial. It is your first line of defense between a flooded basement, a potentially ruined foundation, mold issues, health issues, and ruined furniture.

The crazy thing about sump pumps Cuyahoga, Medina, Summit, Portage, Stark, Lake and Geauga, is when they decide to fail (I guess I’m giving the pumps too much credit here – they don’t think) it is almost always during a very big storm. This is NOT coincidental. They typically are “idle” until a big storm, and it is during storms where the motor becomes stressed, and the pump locks up. I personally have been in several basements where furniture was literally floating. The disaster is magnified if one is on vacation, or even out of the home for 8 hours or so.

There are definite indications your sump pump needs replaced. Although the list below is NOT all inclusive, if you exhibit one or more of these issues, your sump pump is likely living on borrowed time.

It is highly unlikely you can get any professional to replace the pump in the time period you will need, once a storm hits and the pump fails (if you are lucky enough to be around and know it failed). Even if you run out to a big box store, with the thought you will replace it yourself, you are in for a shock. They almost always run out of pumps within 2 hours of a storm hitting. The real tragedy, is it’s an absolute top priority in keeping your home safe and healthy, it’s not cost prohibitive to replace (we are quite reasonable, especially compared to the big boys), yet few people replace them until thousands and thousands of dollars of damage is done.
Your pump is an excellent candidate for replacement if…..

  • You can visibly see rust on or around the pump.
  • It is over 7 years old.
  • It sometimes gets stuck.
  • It runs constantly.
  • You don’t remember when it was last replaced.
  • It came with the house, and you have lived there over 7 years.
  • You purchased a brand new home (even an upscale one) and the builder put in the sump pump (builders notoriously use the cheapest pumps on the market).
  • Your pump makes very strange noises.
  • Your pump vibrates excessively when running.
  • Your pump used to run when it rains, and you haven’t seen it run in a while (a clear sign your pump has died!).

Why sump pumps fail:

  • Float switch broke or stuck
  • Too much water overwhelming pump.
  • Sump pump humming but not pumping.
  • Sump pump jammed by mud.
  • Tripped circuit breaker.
  • Sump pump burnt out.
  • Broken pump impeller or drive shaft.

In addition,Plumbing91 1 offers affordable Battery Backup Sump pump System. These backups have saved homes from flooding during a major storm, electrical outrage or the primary pump failing.
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