Water Heater Maintenance

Plumbing 911 offers a special yearly maintenance plan for our customers when we install a new water heater (just ask our technician for more details). Also, Plumbing 911 can help setup a yearly maintenance plan for you with concerns to your existing water heater.

Below are some water heater maintenance consumer tips for your information:

  • Open the drain valve at the bottom about every 6 months, letting the water run into a bucket until it looks clear (usually about 5 gallons). This will prevent sediment accumulation.
  • Annually test the temperature-pressure relief pressure buildup by lifting or depressing its handle and draining water from the overflow pipe. If water doesn’t drain out, contact Plumbing 911 for service.

These tips are provided as a service from Plumbing 911. The information is intended to simplify jobs around the house. Tools, products, materials, techniques, building codes and local regulations change; therefore, Plumbing 911 assumes no liability for omissions, errors or the outcome of any project. The reader must always exercise reasonable caution, follow current codes and regulations that may apply, and is urged to consult with a licensed Plumbing 911 if in doubt of any procedures.