Caring for your Water Heater

A not-so-great way to start off your day is waking up to learn that you have no hot water. Or even worse, you go to the basement to discover that there are 40-gallons of water covering your floor from the water heater tank springing a leak the night before.

If this hasn’t already happened to you, the best way to guard yourself against a panic-stricken nightmare is to be prepared.

If you have a Water Heater issue arise, Plumbing 911 will be there for
you to service your needs immediately. As a family-owned and operated
business we care for our customers and their home as if it were our own
home. We take pride in the services and the quality materials/equipment
we use to get the job done right and promise no delay when it comes to
providing your home with hot water.

Plumbing 911 offers service to existing water heaters as well as new water heater installations to maintain your home’s hot water supply.

While Plumbing 911 would like to earn your business, if your existing water heater has a qualifying warranty we are happy to give you instructions on how to claim these benefits or you can click the link below for your water heater’s manufacturer warranty hotline number:

Click on the links below for more information about your water heater: