Our Promise to You During COVID-19

Our Promise to You During COVID-19

We know these are uncertain times. Please rest assured we are an essential business and still here and open 24 hours for your plumbing and emergency needs. 

During these challenging times, it is important for our small family business to be in step with the guidance of the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control regarding Coronoavirus (COVID-19) for parts of our communities in Northeast Ohio. The safety of our customers, families and employees are of utmost importance to us. We ask you to help us in this endeavor as it is community effort to slow and halt progress of this virus. Below are the steps we will be taking as company to ensure our pledge of safety to you, along with steps that you can also engage in to help protect our Plumbers.

From our Home to Yours, our Plumbers will:

  • Report their with temperature with us daily before coming to work. If they have a low-grade temperature or if they feel ill, we will ask them to stay home. Furthermore, as a family business, we are committed to supporting our plumbers and walking alongside them through these uncertain times. We are all in this together and will do our best to support one another and our community neighbors.
  • Follow personal hygiene regimen along with washing hands before entering and exiting your home from previous customers, following CDC guidelines.
  • Sanitize and disinfect the work area (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) using CDC recommended solution using bleach prior to completing any service. This solution receipt (1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water) is provided by the CDC to be used for disinfecting areas that are touched daily prior to our services. Once we have completed the job, our Plumber may also reapply the solution to disinfect the area once more as a courtesy to you. Simply allow the solution to air dry. Windows may be opened for additional ventilation and circulation to air dry solution. For further information, visit:
  • Wear sterile gloves, shoe covers, face masks and/or other personal protective equipment when necessary.
  • They will have an extra change of clothes available, if needed.

How You Can Help Us:

  • Although we desire to be friendly and courtesy in our profession, we understand the need to adhere to CDC's request of social distancing to the best of our ability. Therefore, our plumbers will refrain from human contact such as hand shaking and we ask the same of our customers. Also, if you have available, please use your own pens/writing utensils for signing work orders or proposals.
  • Please consider sanitizing work area to the best of your ability before our arrival, along with clearing paths and making space for his work materials.
  • Let us know if you or someone in your home is sick with cold or flu-like symptoms so that we can collectively work together and determine best time to schedule your service based on emergency nature and need of your service. Also, if our technician arrives at your home and sees someone with cold/flu symptoms, we have given him the authority to request and reschedule services.

Just like this famous poster suggests, we take seriously and understand the necessity of ensuring working plumbing for all homes. Our promise is to always offer our services with the same low rates, no overtime or emergency charges. Since our industry is considered important to the fundamental infrastructures of our communities health, we will make ourselves available to your plumbing needs, in step with gaining insight and abiding direction from CDC and State Government Officials directions.

Thank you so much for supporting your small family local business and we appreciate your support and care to work with us towards being the best neighbors we can be to each other.


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