We know that clogged and backed up drains, along with backed up sewers can disrupt your everyday life. Left untreated serious plumbing, housing, and safety issues may result. That’s why Plumbing 911 can immediately offer sewer cleaning & drain cleaning services in Canton, Akron, Medina, Cleveland, OH and surrounding cities.

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Based on the type of drain and severity of your clog/backup, our expert technicians expertise will recommend the right type of equipment to get the sewer cleaning & drain cleaning job done promptly. In addition to different heavy-duty commercial grade cables/snake machines, we also offer video camera inspections and high pressure jetting.

Sometimes the drain lines inside and outside your home can get clogged with normal use. If this problem occurs, you may notice the following issues arise:

  • Sinks may not drain or may drain very slowly
  • When you flush a toilet, it may back up into your bath or shower area
  • When you run your laundry, you may see a floor drain backup water
  • If you have a basement or slab, sewage and water may back up in your main cleanout, usually located in your utility room
  • If you have main drain cleanout in your yard, you may notice sewage or water backing up outside
  • Garage drains can back up with potential flooding issues
  • Also, drain spouts, foundation tiles and storm sewers can backup


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