Do you have a faucet that’s leaking? Or maybe your outdoor faucet spigot when connecting to your garden hose leaks into your basement? Well no fear, Plumbing 911 Faucet Men (a.k.a. best plumbers in town), are here to save the day!

From bathroom, kitchen, shower to outdoor spigots, Plumbing 911 can help any faucet issue. Many times we can service existing faucets saving you time and money. We can also install new fixtures to enhance new décor and function.

There are so many options to choose from and our licensed plumbers can help guide you on function, brand and class. Our company favorite brand is MOEN, as it comes with a lifetime warranty; however, we are happy to give you options on the many top quality brands.

One call,
we handle it all!

Your home’s 911 for all Plumbing (water, gas & sewer), Drains, Water Heaters and Sump Pump needs.