Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing 911 is your premier emergency sensitive plumber. When a potential emergency plumbing issue arises, Plumbing 911 will be there for you, guaranteed.

Plumbing 911 – Plumbing Emergency Tips (Knowing is Everything):

  • Know where your main water shut off valve is located to shut off the water supply to your entire home. For in extremely situations, such as water line bursts, dishwasher hose breaks and broken water faucets, this information is invaluable as it could save your home from flood damage.
  • Know where your water heater cold water supply line shut off valve is located. The cold water supply line is usually a copper pipe that leads into the top of the water heater tank. This line supplies the water heater with cold water, which then the tank heats to be used as hot water. In the situation, where your water heater springs a leak in the core of the tank, you will need to shut the cold water supply line off to prevent from extensive water leakage.
  • Know where your individual faucets, toilets and laundry tubs water shut off valves are located. In case a faucet breaks or a toilet cracks, instead of shutting off water to your entire home, you can simply turn the shut off valve for that particular fixture, until repaired.
  • Know where your main gas line shut off valve is located to shut off gas supply to your entire home in case of gas leak. If you sense a gas leak, turn the gas off to your home, until a Plumbing 911 professional can assess the issue. Be particular careful, if your home has galvanized gas lines. Galvanized gas lines are no longer code-approved, simply because they corrode and can break or leak.
  • Know where your sump pump is located and with heavy rains, check to make sure the motor is running to prevent flooding. If you do not hear the motor kicking on during a heavy rain, call Plumbing 911 to ensure the sump pump is in good working order, before flood issues occur.

Our fully equipped and expert plumbers can care for any emergency, set your fears at ease to complete the job efficiently with our utmost workmanship and attention to detail.

As a family business, we understand that most emergencies generally are not planned for. That is why, we do not charge extra for emergency appointments, overtime, late nights or weekends. Our rates do not change day or night, as we do not penalize our customers for using us when they need us most. Instead, we understand it is a privilege to be your plumber and appreciate the opportunity you give us to earn your business.

We are your family owned and local plumber, our territory that we offer local emergency service includes cities in the following counties: Medina, Stark, Cuyahoga, Summit, Portage, and Lake/Geauga.

If you have an emergency plumbing issue, call us anytime – day or night, and our office personal will personally answer your call to help. Call today toll free at 866-720-0911

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