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Here’s the 411 on Plumbing 911!

Plumbing 911 is a professional service organization that offers a comprehensive line of plumbing, sewer, drain and flooding solutions. From emergency situations to preventive maintenance, our family owned and operated business delivers prompt, reliable, courteous and cost-effective service and treats your home with the utmost integrity. In addition, Plumbing 911 sets itself apart from the competition by operating with the following core values:

  • Free estimates
  • No trip/travel charges
  • No Overtime/Weekend charges
  • Written Estimates/No hidden fees

Let our family be your family plumber!

Serving Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Medina, Portage, Summit, and Stark counties,

call us today at 866-720-0911 or the local numbers listed at the top right of our website.


Latest Technology

Video Camera Inspection

If you notice constant plumbing back ups or if your nose detects sewer odors, a video camera inspection is a non-invasive solution in finding out if your drain has issues.Before video camera inspections the only solution in finding out if your drain lines had serious issues was to actually dig up the drain line.

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Hydro-jetting is the method in which high pressure water is sent through specialty nozzles to cut roots, lift and remove grease, and scour rust sand gravel and any organic materials obstructing your drain. It is intended to restore your drain pipes to their original capacity.

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Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have no tank where water is constantly heated, even when not in use. Instead it uses a system where water flows over a heat exchanger converting tap water into hot water immediately. When the faucet, shower, or laundry is not in use, a computer sensor tells the heat exchanger to turn off.

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Future of Plumbing

Technology has in one form or another touched every industry. The Plumbing industry is no different. There are exciting solutions being marketed for everyday homes and commercial properties. Some of these solutions are very new to us, while some solutions are being improved upon as amazing resources.

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Not only can we fix the plumbing issue that caused your flooding, but we can mitigate your property loss send our water technician.


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