7 Halloween Family Ideas That You Can Try

Halloween is one of the most fun fests of the year. It’s only the day where you wear pretty much anything you like and get to be whoever you want to be. While candies and costumes are great – there are other fun activities to do with the family that can be enjoyed before and after the night of trick-or-treating. 

Here are 7 fun activities you can try during the next Halloween! 


  • House Maintainance Hunt

Halloween is going to be a busy day. With a lot of moving parts and most of you will forget the most important household maintenance – plumbing! 

So before getting your costumes up, organize a family cleaning team and start cleaning the kitchen and other areas that might require cleansing. 

You can also make it more fun by making it like and a scavenger hunt for children. As they clean or search for leaks in the house, reward them with candies and it’s a win-win for everyone! 

However, just in case if you find any issues, you can always look for plumbing services and have it fixed before your main event. 

Keep in mind that there are many kitchens or household disasters that can happen during Halloween, such as a gas leak, water leaks or faucet leaking Without any precautions, your Halloween can turn out to be an actual horror that you would want to forget. So get ready and flex your plumbing skills!


  • It’s-a Mario!

Speaking of plumbing, one of the most popular plumbers in the world is a fictional one. Since you already involved them with plumbing activities, why not go for a plumbing theme costume? 

Nintendo’s Maria is probably one of the most lovable and popular plumber costumes. This not only a relevant pop culture reference but can show that plumbing is cool too!


  • Pumpkin Kisses And Harvest Wishes!

Halloween without pumpkin? Impossible! 

Pumpkin decoration is a great activity for the family to develop motor skills. Carve or paint pumpkins with family and if you have some spare time you could save the seeds and innards to make seed pumpkin toasts or bake pumpkin bread later!


  • Catch Me By The Corn Maze

Corn maze can easily become a fun tradition for your family and close friends. Stay in a group and get lost together weaving through tall rows of fresh corn. However, if you have got no corn, no problem! 

Put rewards in any creative mazes around your home or backyard and let your peers exercise their problem solving, memory, and leadership skills as well!


  • Haunted Houses

Time to get spooky! A haunted house can be a lot of fun if you plan with younger members and operate their version. You can make an entire plumbing theme horror event and encourage the kids to be more productive and let them find hidden clues to fix any plumbing problems around the house! Make it fun and they will never complain about kitchen stuff again!


  • Lit Up The Lanterns!

If you want to develop your crafting skills, Halloween is the best occasion to do so. Lantern making is a fun crafting idea and a great way to engage with your family with decorating. 

And it is very easy to do! Take some colorful paper lunch bags and cut fun shapes and sizes into them. Put a little bit of sand into the bottom of the bag and place the battery-operated candle in the base and you are good to go!


  • Costume Report

Costume report is a very cool idea during Halloween to not only have fun but also learn about the character they are playing. If your child is cosplaying Mario than let him write a report about the background and details about Nintendo and plumbing. People love to find more information about their character – it becomes very engaging, especially during Halloween. 



Celebrating Halloween with family is an absolute blast, but can also be a bit of a challenge. Finding the right activity and having actual fun is the key to make Halloween more special and memorable.

While Halloween is a time for fun and happiness with friends and family, plumbing emergencies wait for none. If you do face any plumbing mishaps during the Halloween times, don’t hesitate to contact Plumbing 911 for some emergency help! 

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