Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Every season has its own good and bad sides and summer is no exception. Summer comes with its own challenges, including plumbing issues.

For this reason, it is important that you know some common summer plumbing problems so you can always be on the lookout for them or avoid them completely if you can.

5 Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Here are five common summer plumbing problems you should know:

Basement Flooding

Your basement may be flooded during summer. This may be as a result of unexpected but frequent rainfalls which overwhelm your sump pump. Your sump pump may have developed a fault in winter which may not have been fixed yet.

Disposal Clogging

Disposal is a device fitted under a kitchen sink that grinds and liquifies food waste so that it can go down the drain. The unusually high volume of leftovers in summer may therefore block your disposal or slow down the passage of food waste through it.

Leaky Outdoor Faucets

We often use outdoor faucets more frequently during summer, especially for washing cars. When an outdoor faucet develops a fault, it is difficult or nearly impossible to notice due to its position which is usually out of sight. Sometimes, an outdoor faucet leaks because it is loosely sealed to the wall. At other times, the rubber washer is in bad shape. Whatever it is, a leaky faucet wastes water and adds up to your utility bill.

Sump Pump

You may have sump pump issues during summer if you have a basement in your home. A basement is the floor of your building that is below ground level. It is therefore the duty of the sump pump to regulate water in your basement by removing water from it and keeping it dry. Summer rains can cause your pump to break down and fail in this task.

Toilet Clogging

Toilet clogging is one of the most common summer plumbing problems homeowners usually face. If you have schoolchildren, they and their friends may use the bathrooms in your house for their restroom breaks. This increased usage may cause additional wear and tear on the chains, flappers and handles and clog your toilets.

How Plumbing 911 Can Help

The most common summer plumbing problems you need to watch out for include basement clogging, disposal clogging, leaky outdoor faucets, sump pump and toilet clogging.

To say that these plumbing problems can be annoying is simply an understatement. They can waste water and increase your utility bill. No matter the kind of plumbing issues you may have this summer, Plumbing 911 is ready to help.

Plumbing 911 is a reputable plumbing firm made up of professionals. Plumbing 911 offers full service for both residential and commercial properties, including everyday maintenance and emergency needs. Our professionals are skilled in fixing clogged drains and toilets, leaky faucets and pipes, low water pressure, running toilets, sump pumps and water heaters. Call Plumbing 911 on toll-free number 1-866-720-0911 for a free inspection in your area, schedule an appointment today or simply send an email. We cover Cuyahoga East, Cuyahoga West, Medina, Summit, Stark, Lake and Geauga.

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