Fun Family Ideas in Ohio

With the current world pandemic, traveling and visiting landmarks is a big No-no. No longer are our usual plans of having “fun with family” possible. But still, there are many options so that you and your family can enjoy your time together and even be productive in some cases!

Learn Plumbing!

Very often we need to spend a huge amount of money on plumbing but what if you know the basics of plumbing? Can you imagine how much money you will save? Some of these basic skills are really simple and don’t even require fancy equipment! 

And you don’t have to learn it alone, you can include your family in the process and make it more fun. There are multiple basic plumbing learning tutorials on youtube and you can check out our extensive plumbing blog on everything including seasonal tips to advanced winterization hacks!

Grow a herb garden!

What’s easier and more fun than growing herbs? I suppose nothing. All you need is a pot, some herbs and some good soil. That is it, you’re good to go. Let your kids go crazy with it, and enjoy the result of your hard work by eating your garden. You also make a garden for flowers and others too! This will help you pass time and also produce fruits for nutrition. Check youtube for inspirations, and the channel urban gardening, it’s a good place to start with!

Let the kids prepare a meal

This of course depends on how old your kids are. If you think your kids are mature enough and love helping you out in the kitchen, why not let them experience everything by themselves. Let them cook a meal, and yeah surely help them when you think they need, like chopping the vegetables or handling hot oil or water. Kids grow up responsible if they start working with home tasks from a young age. 

Make a family artwork!

Want to do something equally fun and creative? Go to the shop and get a big Canvas. Don’t forget to get the paint as well. Now bring your kids and your partner to the room and create a masterpiece together. 

Host a movie night

Do you know what is relaxing after a day of work? A good movie night with your family and some snacks. Just fun and chill. You can even get mini projectors nowadays on the internet which can make any room your own personal movie station. 

Do an indoor picnic

Well, even if indoor, you still need to do a tonne of work. The picnic still involves you making the food and planning the fun stuff. Well just arrange a small picnic for your family, cook a barbeque, celebrate the fruits that you grew in your garden, or host a movie night. Possibilities are ending. The key is to stay healthy and relax so that isolation doesn’t hamper your family. 


Final words

Nobody at these times is living their best-expected life, everyone is suffering more or less. The smartest thing would be to utilize this time to learn and stay healthy so that in the long run can channel any loss to some profit. If you are interested in learning plumbing skills or need a safe and hygienic plumbing service., check out Plumbing 911. Servicing over 150 cities in 7 Northeast Ohio Counties, Plumbing 911 has the plumbing support you need right now! If your house needs any services just give a call.

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