Tips for Maintaining Your Boiler

Boiler RepairWhen was the last time to had your boiler serviced? Having your boiler serviced annually and maintaining it over the years will allow it to run efficiently, extend its lifespan, and leave you with sufficient heat for this extremely cold winter.

Inspect Air Ducts & Flues

Dust and dirt will accumulate in the air ducts and flues of your boiler over time, causing your system to work harder than it has to and less efficiently. If you notice any build up, simply clear the dirt and debris to allow the system to run efficiently again.

Check the Water Level

If your boiler runs out of water, there could be consequences greater than being without hot water. Before checking the water level in your boiler, make sure the pilot is on and blue, signaling everything is in working order. If the water in your boiler happens to be low, call Plumbing 911 for inspection.

Valve Leaks

Unfortunately, the age old saying “nothing lasts forever,” does apply to most things plumbing. Gas and fuel leaks happen naturally overtime from regular use of your boiler, but shouldn’t be left unadjusted. A leaky valve can be fixed with a few small adjustments and if any parts of worn out or damaged, they will need to be fixed in order to keep your system running efficiently. If you notice a valve on your boiler is leaking, call Plumbing 911 today and we will be happy to help.

De-Scale Your Boiler

The water in your boiler can harden over time, causing excessive build-up of calcium, which can prevent the boiler from working properly and limit the heating capacity. When you have your boiler de-scaled, a solution will be pumped through the system to clean away the hardened water and calcium build-up. Although this is something you can easily DIY, we highly recommend having a professional come in and de-scale your boiler for you to ensure it is done correctly, as your boiler system is a highly expensive unit.

Lubricate Boiler Parts

The mechanical parts of your boiler that are in constant movement, such as the fan and pumps, will benefit from regular lubrication to keep it running smoothly and increase working capacity for years to come.

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