What To Do When A Urinal Leaks When Flushed?

Urinal leaks when flushing is a common issue in businesses and commercial bathrooms. If the situation is not handled properly, the urinal keeps running and won’t stop!

Most urinals and pipes are designed to deal with a limited amount of water when flushing. However, uric acids can build up along the drains, eventually leading to urinal leaking and flooding.

Urinal leaks are irksome and no one wants to deal with it. A lot of people tend to believe that the more a urinal flushes, the cleaner it is. And yet, that’s not always the case.

Let us have a look at how we can solve the urinal leakage in just seven simple steps. Remember to turn the main water line to the bathroom off before starting!

Step 1: Locating the Secondary Water Shut Off

Secondary water shut off is usually located under the first joint from the toilet wall or tile. It is typically covered by a chrome cap. It is when a wrench comes in handy as it easily removes the cap.

Step 2: Stopping the Waterflow

Using a flat-head screwdriver, turn the water supply going to the urinal off by turning the water shut off the screw counter-clockwise. Eventually, this will stop water from going into your urinal.

Step 3: Loosening the Flush Head Screw

With the use of the channel locks, turn the six or eight-sided bolt located on top of your flush head. It will help loosen the flush head screw.

Step 4: Removing the Flush Head Cap

To remove the flush head cap, loosen the screw to the fullest. As you turn the screw, any water remaining in the flush head will pour out. This can be alarming, but it is completely normal!

Step 5: Locating the Diaphragm

The diaphragm is a large disc that is black in color and occupies much of the space inside the flush head. Remove it and put your new diaphragm in.

Step 6: Replacing the Flush Head

After replacing the diaphragm, it’s time to put the flush head back to where it should be and screw the hexagonal or octagonal screw-on top back into place. It is one of the important steps in fixing urinal leaks.

Step 7: Restoring the Water Supply

The final step is to bring the water supply back to the urinal. Turn the secondary shut off to your right slowly. 

End Words

Nobody wants to spend their whole day fixing a urinal. Furthermore, not all urinal problems can be fixed with a few simple nuts and bolts. That’s when you’ll have to bring in the big guns. Call Plumbing 911 today and have your urinals inspected for leaks and potential needed repairs. 

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