7 Awesome Virtual Activities For The Family

The current pandemic has halted our lifestyle in a very significant way. Most of the families are spending time sitting home and hoping everything gets better. However, there are plenty of fun indoor activities you can participate with your family to relax and also productive. Here are 7 awesome virtual activities for the family:

1. Learn Plumbing skill 

One of the best ways to spend time at home is to learn new skills. Imagine how much money you can save if you know even the basics of plumbing. Some of them are very easy to learn and don’t require any more additional tools than you already have in your home! 

This you can not only teach yourself but also let your young kids & have fun while learning. And we know how much kids love water! There are many easy plumbing learning tutorials on youtube. Check out our extensive plumbing blog on everything including seasonal tips to advanced winterization hacks!

2. Physical Activity

Physical exercise is a crucial part of staying healthy. With no physical exercise at home, your health might deteriorate slowly. It is very important to maintain good physical routine every day. However, your children might not like this very much. But you can workaround by doing a competitive routine, or using virtual games like Nintendo that encourage moving, or even set some objective with rewards so that everyone is encouraged!

On the other hand, almost all yoga classes are now being held online. You can also make them family-focused yoga sessions to bond with each other!

3. Gardening 

There is nothing tastier than your own homegrown fruits. If you own a house with why not grow fruits, veggies, and herb? You also make a garden for flowers and others too! This will help you pass time and also produce fruits for nutrition. Check youtube for inspirations, and the channel urban gardening, it’s a good place to start with.! 

4. First Aid And Medical Skills

This has to be one of the most effective uses of your time you spend on learning during a pandemic. Accidents can happen at any time regardless of where you are. It is necessary to learn some basic medical treatment that anyone can use. You can take online courses or chat with your relatives or friend who has medical experience. 

5. Personal hygiene

Your hygiene should become your priority in your home. This is incorporated into your plumbing skills. Fix regular plumbing issues in your home to run a steady water supply so that your home has better hygiene. Also, there are other skills like how to make soap, toothpaste, shampoo, detergent, and other cleaning supplies. This can be very helpful during a short supply emergency.

6. Social Connecting

Social distancing might stay for a while here but that will not stop your social life. It is necessary to take part in a virtual social platform and get in touch with people whom you care about. Spend at least one hour with your relatives or friends on social media, so that you can stay still connected. Yes, nothing comes close to face to face talk but this is the second-best option right now!

7. Indoor picnic

Ironically, an indoor picnic can have the same impact as any outdoor picnic. If you have space outside of your home, just arrange a small picnic for your family, cook barbeque, celebrate the fruits that you grew in your garden, or host a movie night. Possibilities are ending. The key is to stay healthy and relax so that isolation doesn’t hamper your family. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone is suffering more or less in these recent times. The smartest thing would be to utilize this time to learn and stay healthy so that in the long run can channel any loss to some profit. If you are interested in learning plumbing skills or need a safe and hygienic plumbing service., check out Plumbing 911. Servicing over 150 cities in 7 Northeast Ohio Counties, Plumbing 911 has the plumbing support you need right now! If your house needs any services just give a call!

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