3 Plumbing Upgrades to Save Water

Staying on top of your utility costs is crucial for avoiding any unexpected bills. One of the easiest ways to avoid unexpected water bills and reduce water usage is to make a few upgrades to your current plumbing fixtures. Here are three easy upgrades to make. Water Saving Shower Heads Did you know the average … Continued

Why Are My Pipes So Noisy?

Have you recently noticing sudden bumping noises or clinking and clanking sounds coming from the walls? After hearing the disruptive noises, figuring how to get it to stop is your top priority.  With a little help from Plumbing 911, you’ll be able to diagnose the specific reason for your noisy pipes and how you can … Continued

How to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies This Spring

The unpredictable weather during the spring months can cause inconvenient plumbing emergencies. By staying on top of these issues and knowing what to keep an eye on, you’ll be able to prevent major plumbing issues and keep your home safe. Common Plumbing Issues Your Home Might Experience: Broken water heaters Burst pipes Overflowing/clogged drains Overflowing/burst … Continued

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