Tips for Preventing Unexpected Water Bills

High water bills? By being proactive about the way you utilize water in your home, you’ll be able to drastically reduce those high-water bills and prevent any unexpected bills in the future. It might take a little bit of discipline, but your wallet will thank you. Try these tips: Trade Baths for Showers If you … Continued

5 Signs It’s Time to Call a Plumber

If you’re like most homeowners, you prefer to handle plumbing problems in your home on your own but not all problems have DIY solutions. Knowing when to identify plumbing problems that can easily DIYed (think common drain clogs) and major problems that could lead to injury or property damage if tackled yourself. Not sure how … Continued

3 Plumbing Upgrades to Save Water

Staying on top of your utility costs is crucial for avoiding any unexpected bills. One of the easiest ways to avoid unexpected water bills and reduce water usage is to make a few upgrades to your current plumbing fixtures. Here are three easy upgrades to make. Water Saving Shower Heads Did you know the average … Continued

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