Common Garbage Disposal Mistakes

The garbage disposal is a crucial appliance that most of us take for granted. It makes your post-dinner cleanup a little bit easier, giving you the convenience of modern life. However, homeowners all over the country harbor some misconceptions about how to safely use them. If you are a homeowner, or you are interested in installing a garbage disposal, you’ll want to avoid making the following mistakes.


Using the disposal without maintaining a sequence

It is imperative to use disposal sequentially. Always start by running cool water. Then turn on the disposal and gently put food in. Never dump in foods all at once. Run the disposal until the food is all gone. Finally, turn off the disposal and let the water run for 10 to 15 seconds to ensure everything is flushed out.


Not cleaning the disposal correctly

It’s irksome when odors come out from the disposal. Again, treating it in the wrong way will only worsen the situation. People use bleach or harsh drain cleaners to clean the disposal. Instead, sprinkle some baking soda and throw some fresh lemon or lime slices in to help eliminate odors. Grinding up a few ice cubes will help to remove bits of food that may be caught inside.


Flushing with hot water while grinding waste

Using hot water while grinding waste is the worst choice as it will increase the problem rather than solving. It’s a better idea to use cold water, as this will help fats and greases to move along the pipes intact. Hot water will melt fats, but it will end up clogging your pipes.


Dumping non-food items

A common mistake is to shove down wastes like wooden matches, cigarettes, rubber bands, or twist ties down the drain. Garbage Disposal is meant for only food wastes.


Flushing grease or fat down the disposal

It’s better not to dispose of grease or fat down the disposal as the grease will solidify in your pipes and can give rise to a big problem. Instead, use spare cans or glass jars to cool down grease and fats before tossing it away.


Failing to reset the garbage disposal

If your disposal is malfunctioning, turn the unit off first and then press the reset button beneath the unit which is usually red. This red button acts as a local circuit breaker which might help you reestablish power. Most disposals include a jam key that you can insert into the hole at the bottom of the disposal housing. Make sure to rotate it a few times to see if you can clear the jam. If you try every method above and still fail, then your best option would be to call a service technician


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