Plumbing Advice During Christmas

Christmas is usually a time of celebration with family, friends, and well-wishers. Nonetheless, such festivals come with their own consequences, sometimes adversely affecting the plumbing in our homes.

5 Useful Pieces of Plumbing Advice During Christmas

Plumbing 911, a reputable plumbing firm based in Northern Ohio, recommends the following five useful pieces of plumbing advice during Christmas:

Maintain Your Plumbing

You should maintain the plumbing on your property even before Christmas. Make sure the dishwasher, showers, sinks, and toilets are properly maintained and in good condition to avoid breaking down during the holiday. Check and fix any leaks and drips from toilets and taps ahead of time. Ensure that everything flushes and drains away quickly. If possible, service your boiler regularly, or at least once a year, to avoid costly repairs when they eventually break down.

Dispose of Leftovers Properly

There are usually a lot of leftovers during Christmas, but the leftovers can do more harm than good if you don’t get rid of them properly. So, to be on the safe side, it’s best to clean up plates and dispose of any leftovers before you put your plates in the dishwasher to avoid blocking up your dishwasher and any plumbing issues.

Don’t Pour Grease Down Your Drain

You may be tempted to dump leftover grease down the drain, but don’t. Instead, collect any grease and fat generated from turkeys and roasted potatoes into any spare plastic container and dispose of them in a bin. Otherwise, pouring grease and fat into your drain, especially when they’re hot, will clog your drains when they harden.

Insulate Your Pipes

Christmas is often associated with cold weather. This makes the issue of frozen pipes a really big problem at this time. Frozen pipes can therefore seize up your water supplies and leave you without water, as well as sometimes cause burst pipes. So, it’s better to insulate your pipes during Christmas to forestall these issues that could ruin your holiday.

Get a Professional

Sometimes, it may be difficult or almost impossible to avoid any plumbing emergencies during the Yuletide, despite the amount of regular maintenance you may have carried out on your house plumbing. In that case, your best bet is to get professional help. Our professionals are skilled in fixing clogged drains and toilets, leaky and damaged faucets and pipes, low water pressure, running toilets, sump pumps, and water heaters. 


Follow this plumbing advice during Christmas and you’ll be fine: maintain your plumbing, dispose of leftovers properly, don’t pour grease down your drain, insulate your pipes, and get a professional.


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