Plumbing Emergencies to Watch out for When It Rains

You may encounter plumbing issues from time to time but a heavy rainfall can compound these issues and put you on the edge, forcing you to run from pillar to post in search of a solution.

That is why it is necessary to know some of these issues that may likely upset you whenever it rains in your neighborhood.

Common Plumbing Problems During Rain

Rain may cause the following problems to your plumbing system:


Your plumbing system may experience flooding if your home doesn’t have outdoor drainage. Flooding usually occurs in our home when rainwater has nowhere to drain. Therefore, this accumulates in low points and dips throughout the yard. Lack of proper drainage usually causes this problem of outside flooding. When flooding does occur, the driveway, basement steps or walkway are affected. The stability of your deck or foundation is also at risk.

Debris Clogging

Debris like soil, leaves, sticks and trash can accumulate whenever there is heavy rain. The debris can then block your plumbing system. When this happens, you may begin to see water pooling in your shower, bathtub, sink or near other household drains. Your sewer system may also be clogged as a result.

Sewage Backup

Heavy rainfall can impact negatively on your sewer line. Sudden, heavy rain may clog your drains and cause your sewage to back up into your home. This build-up may clog the underlying pipes, affect your sewer line and cause the pipes to crack or burst. 

Pipe Burst

Sometimes, your pipes can burst due to pressure from rainwater which might have pooled somewhere and has nowhere to go. More often than not, this happens when your pipes are old or damaged. Apart from a pipe burst, your pipes may also crack or break due to pressure from accumulating rainwater. Be that as it may, you may have colored sink water, notice that your water has a coppery taste or perceive a mildew smell if you have a pipe burst or a broken/cracked pipe.

Controlling Flooding in Your Home

If you are worried about your basement flooding with heavy rain, then you need a sump pump. A sump pump can help if there is heavy, persistent rainfall, general flooding, rising water table and failing or insufficient gutters by draining the water which might have accumulated somewhere in your home, more especially the basement. 

A sump pump therefore can save you a whole lot of stress if you have one already. It is your first line of defense between a flooded basement, potentially ruined foundation or furniture, or mold and health issues. Even if you have a completely unfinished basement, a sump pump is crucial.

However, your sump pump can fail you from time to time due to a number of reasons:  

  • The pump hums but doesn’t pump.
  • It’s jammed by mud.
  • It’s burnt out.
  • It’s overwhelmed by too much water.
  • The float switch is broken or stuck.
  • The circuit breaker is tripping.
  • The impeller or drive shaft is broken.

Your sump pump may begin to develop these issues if it is rusty, over 7 years old, gets stuck sometimes, runs constantly, makes strange noises, vibrates too much when running, doesn’t work during rain or hasn’t been replaced for some time.


Whether your sump pump is experiencing these problems or you just need one for your home, Plumbing 911 is the place to go. Plumbing 911 also offers an affordable battery backup sump pump system. These backups have saved homes from flooding during a major storm, electrical outrage or when your pump primarily fails. Call Plumbing 911 today on 1-866-720-0911 for a free inspection in your area. It’s toll free. Simply schedule an appointment or send an email.

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