Plumbing Tips During the Holiday Season

Plumbing Tips During the Holiday Season

You may experience clogged drains and toilets as well as faulty garbage disposals during the holiday season, especially when you have guests and decide to prepare a feast for them. However, such plumbing emergencies shouldn’t deter you from welcoming family and friends to your house. 

Instead, learn a few things to help you prevent such problems before they even occur.

Top 5 Plumbing Tips During the Holiday Season

Here are the top five plumbing tips during the holiday:

Don’t Put All Your Food Down the Garbage Disposal

There’s usually a beehive of food preparation activities in the kitchen, especially during the holiday season. You’ll have to prepare holiday meals for family and friends and even bake Christmas cookies. Because you’ve got to do a lot in the kitchen, you may mess things up pretty quickly and put foods like coffee grounds, animal bones, nuts and shells, pits and seeds, onion layers, eggshells, pasta, rice, bread, fruits, and vegetables in the garbage disposal when you ought not to.

Don’t Throw Grease Into Your Drain

Grease is sticky. If it cools, it’ll clog your drains and catch everything else that passes through them. So, never throw grease into your drain because it’ll block it. Instead, put it in a container and dispose of it once it’s cool.

Spacing Out Your Showers

Hosting a family during the holidays? Space out your showers. Spacing out your showers about 15 minutes apart will give the hot water more time to replenish, so you don’t bathe with cold water, and allow the drain to clear out. Otherwise, hair and build-up can clog your drains with many people using them.

Use Tissue Paper Only

Always use tissue paper in the toilet and encourage others to do the same when they visit you. Tell them to only flush toilet paper and waste. Also, remember to advise them against flushing things such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, feminine hygiene products, flushable wipes, make-up remover wipes, paper towels, and stuff like that. They’ll clog your drains because they’re indissoluble.

Run a Lot of Cold Water

Run enough cold water while flushing food down the garbage disposal. Do it for between 30 seconds and one minute, even after the disposal is off. This is because cold, running water will help push waste down your drain much faster. Also, avoid the temptation of using hot water to melt grease because it’ll solidify and clog your drains.


Looking for plumbing tips during the holiday season? Plumbing 911 recommends that you don’t put all your food down the garbage disposal, don’t throw grease into your drain, space out your showers, use tissue paper only, and run a lot of cold water to help you prevent any possible plumbing emergency during the holiday season.

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