What is a Sewer Cam?

What Is A Sewer Cam?

A sewer camera is a precious tool to help determine if there’s a problem with your home’s sewer system. The main purpose of a sewer camera is to be able to see what’s causing a blockage or backup within the sewer pipe. Besides, a sewer inspection camera can detect nearly any problem with your sewer line.

How does a sewer inspection camera work?

A high-resolution sewer pipe camera is fastened to the end of a flexible rod to see inside pipes and sewer lines. Subsequently, a professional then insert the rod, along with the camera into the pipes. This is to check and inspect the problems. A flexible rod enables for more improved mobility inside pipes and sewer lines. As a result, the professional will be able to see all the parts of the pipes and lines, even the corners. This is the basic and traditional way of sewer line camera inspection.

Now let us describe how effective a sewer camera can be in identifying problems. Below are some common problems that a sewer camera can identify:

1.   Locate Lines

Interestingly, sewer cameras have location devices that send out a signal. Using a special signal receiver above ground, it is easy to pinpoint where the camera is underground.

2.   Drainage Or Stoppage Issues

Sewer pipes work using the power of gravity. Consequently, the pipes flow downhill so when something goes into the pipe like wastes, debris, and water— it flows or drains down through your piping system. As a result, all the junks ends up at your city’s waste treatment center or septic tank, depending on your particular situation.

However, if something is causing your system to not work properly, in most cases sewer camera helps to determine what is causing it. Often in cases like these, it is effortless to find stoppages, blockages, roots, mud, broken pipe, etc.

3.   Sewer System Connections

A sewer camera can detect connections like fittings, tee’s, and other types. Likewise, it is effective at the connections to run water. Along with that, a sewer camera can pinpoint water flow from one line to another.

4.   Tree Root Infiltrations

Commonly, problems are detectable with old pipes made out of clay, cast iron, or other porous materials. Tree roots seek out water sources as they grow, and if they find a crack in sewer pipes, they’ll find a way to get to the water inside. Eventually, they grow in it to reach the water.

5.   Broken, Cracked, Or Collapsed Pipes

Pipes are prone to leakages. A sewer inspection camera comes handy when the pipes get broken or cracked. It will help you to find the cracked part of your pipe.

Final Words

A video camera inspection is a non-invasive solution in finding out if your drain has issues. This is when you notice constant plumbing backups or if your nose detects sewer odors.

Before video camera inspections, the only solution in finding out if your drain lines had serious issues was to dig up the drain line. However, with drain video camera inspections in Akron, Medina, Canton, Cleveland, and surrounding cities, Plumbing 911 can see exactly what the problem is by inserting the cable camera head through your drain system. Call (866) 720-0911 a toll-free number and get your problem fixed! Also, check out the services plumbing911 provides.

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