Tips For The Family To Start The New Year Well

Starting off the New Year with panache can help you build up momentum that can carry you and your family throughout the whole year. Setting New Year’s resolutions is a common practice for adults, but studies have shown that setting resolutions can be good for the whole family. Why not celebrate the new year by connecting with your family and appreciate your life? Here are some tips for the whole family you might choose to start the new year well.

1. Start The Year With Love And Appreciation:

Go around the table and find out what your family members’ favorite things were about the year that’s coming to a close from each person in the family. Ask your child what they appreciate about themselves and about their lives. Ask them what they think and feel about each other.  From the place of self-love, say thank you to your family members for all the large and small miracles in your life. Opening yourself to receiving more amazing things in the coming year and keeping a positive attitude can make the difference between a good and a bad year.

2. Leave The Past Behind:

If you’re like most people, you’re carrying some baggage like self-judgment or exhaustion that you don’t need. As the year turns, ask everyone in your family if there’s anything they want to leave behind. Each family member can write down one thing privately they want to leave behind and on New Year’s Eve, and then burn the paper as a symbolic depiction of burning away your baggage.

3. Help Your Child Set A New Year’s Resolution:

It is really important for your child to decide on their own what they want to choose to work on improving this year. Help your child to set some smaller goals which will work up to the larger resolution. When the goals are smaller, it’s easier to stick to completing something and feel more attainable. Try to have fun with them. It will encourage the family bonding process.

4. Model Healthy Change:

New Year’s resolutions fail because we set goals that are tough, and even the momentum of the new year isn’t enough to make up for the lack of a plan. If you don’t know where you’re headed, you’re bound to end up somewhere else far from your goal. Start with small things, make a short plan to create your desired change, review it every morning, and make adjustments as necessary. 

5. Celebrate The Victories And Milestones:

This is another great opportunity for enhancing family time. Celebrate with your whole family on reaching a goal. Do something fun together as a family. Spend time with them, reflecting on how far you have come and the successes you achieved. 

End Words

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