What To Do When There’s A Sump Pump Failure

Ever wondered what’s more heartbreaking than breakups? Yes, house floods! If your house has a basement and is in an area cursed with frequent raining, it would be smart of you to consider installing a sump pump in your house. The presence of a water mitigation system like the sump pump in your house will help you feel a lot safer.

Sump pumps are a lot like a first aid kit for your house safety. You can install it in a sump pit in the basement or crawlspace (where groundwater collects). It pumps the water out if it reaches to a level in the pit which sets off the trigger sensor on the pump. This can help mitigate flooding by rapid draining of flood water from the basement of your home through an external discharge pipe and away from your home’s foundation.

But like any other mechanical device at your home, it may stop working, leading to severe consequences. A small amount of standing water on your basement floor can turn your basement into a nasty swimming pool within the blink of an eye. You’d have to throw away thousands of dollars to repair the damage especially if you keep expensive furniture and electronics there.

Why sump pumps fail

It’s not visible to the eye and is also invisible to the mind as it’s kept down below in the basement. Most of the time, carelessness and ignorance of the condition lead to a sump pump failure. Here are some other reasons why it might fail:

  • A power cut reinforced by storm: A deadly combination of frequent rain or storm and power cut may result in a flooded basement at your house. The sump stops functioning when there is a power cut and any excess water in the basement due to rain can result in a flood. A second battery-operated sump pump can make a huge difference in the case of a power outage.
  • Faulty installation: You cannot simply depend on an installation manual for a sophisticated machine such as this. A tiny error can lead to a great calamity even if it works fine at the beginning.
  • A clogged discharge pipe: When the outlet gets blocked, the pump can no longer complete its function. It cannot pull the water out and away from the basement anymore, causing water damage.
  • Old age: Like you and I, even machines have a lifetime. You cannot keep relying on a sump pump installed a decade ago. A sump pump lasts about 7 years, and you should consider replacement after at least 10 years.
  • A stuck switch:  A very common problem faced by most customers. It happens inside the basin, the float that operates switch does not function once it lodges itself against the side of the pump.


So What Can You Do?

Thorough maintenance and regular checkups can save your sump pump from dying early. You can pour water into the sump pit to test if your sump pump is working well. It should turn itself on and pump out most of the water and turn itself off again. If you’re still unsure it’s working or not, find a qualified plumber to come and check it out for you.

In case it’s too late, and the basement does flood up, you need to keep a cool head. Never walk on the wet surface before ensuring that electricity to that area is completely shut off.

Your first priority is to fix the sump pump.

First, you should check the sump pump plug to see if it’s defective or functioning. Next, examine if the float switch is anchored to the side of the pump or to anything else. For the next step, feel the pump for vibration. It’s powered on if it vibrates. Then check the pipes for any blockage when the pump is on but the water level isn’t going down. Finally, you could try inspecting the drain pipes and remove any debris if it’s clogged.

If you fail, do not distress. If the water has stopped and the amount of water in your basement is stable, you can call a certified water mitigation company to pump out the extra water.

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